Welcome to my studio in the desert of Southern Utah!
I'm Joelle, creator of 55 North Studio.
There are a few things I have always been deeply drawn to: nature, stones, metals, art, and all things healing. So, naturally, I've become a metalsmith.
Quality materials, craftsmanship + intention are important to me and this is what my process is founded on. 
What is the process behind my creations?
Ethically sourcing the highest quality metals + healing gemstones, designing, creating + infusing personalized healing Reiki into my jewelry. As a Master Reiki practitioner, this is another avenue to bring more healing + high vibrations into our world. Creating one-of-a-kind pieces of beautiful + healing jewelry for you and your favorite people. 
What's in a name?
"55 North" holds a lot of personal meaning, but simply, "55" embodies the idea + energy of adventure, personal freedom and positive life change. The "North" is all about following your personal compass + being true to yourself and your journey. These two concepts very much describe my own journey; and by going with that flow, I now find myself here, creating wearable + healing art that allows you, as well as myself, to feel free + expressive, elegant + empowered, elevated + grounded. Connected... to our best selves and others. 
My hope is that 55 North Studio helps you embrace the mystery + joy of your journey, to find + celebrate yourself .... and, of course, to
enjoy your unique jewelry, lovingly made by me.