Hey there, welcome to 55 North Studio nestled in the beauty of Southern Utah!

I'm Joelle, the hands and heart behind every piece of jewelry you'll find here. I've always been drawn to the raw beauty of nature, the sparkle of gemstones, the vibe of metals, and the magic of art. All of which led me to the incredibly fulfilling art of metal-smithing.


What is the process behind my creations?

At the heart of my creations lies a dedication to quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and purposeful intention. Each piece is imbued with a blend of skillful design and personalized healing Reiki, a practice I've mastered as a Reiki practitioner. This infusion of energy serves as a conduit for healing and elevating vibrations, enriching not only the jewelry but the wearer's experience as well.

Ethical sourcing is paramount to my process, ensuring that only the finest metals and healing gemstones grace my workbench. From concept to creation, I pour my heart into crafting one-of-a-kind treasures that resonate with both beauty and healing energy, destined to accompany you on your journey and adorn those dear to you for years to come.


What's in a name?

"55 North" carries the energy of adventure, personal freedom, and positive transformation—the very essence of my own journey. The compass of "North" guides us towards authenticity and self-discovery, anchoring us in our unique paths. In embracing these principles, I've found myself here, crafting wearable art that embodies freedom, elegance, and empowerment, fostering connections with our truest selves and others. I invite you to revel in the mystery and joy of your journey, to celebrate your essence, and to adorn yourself with the unique creations of 55 North Studio. Each piece, lovingly crafted by me, is a testament to your individuality and the beauty of your story.